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Alright Our Kid Tshirt

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Alright our kid? 

A term of endearment usually used when referring to a younger brother or sister that you feel particularly proud or protective of, but occasionally a close friend or other family member”

 Being based around Manchester it seemed only right to include this Manchester slang, funny children’s slogan T-shirt in our collection. Designed to provide humour through a relatable saying we know and love. Super soft T-shirt made from only the best quality 100% cotton available in a wide range of colours making it fully customisable for your little person. These casual printed T-shirt’s are perfect for girls or boys paired with leggings or shorts for a casual comfy look.

✨ Wide range of colours available 

✨ Hand printed in the UK

✨ Super soft cotton fabric 

✨ Custom made for you 



The Alright Our Kid Tshirt is a best selling customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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